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UQM Technologies, Inc. is introducing the Integrated Fuel Cell Compressor System (PowerPhase FCS). This product is designed to meet growing demand in the fuel cell market for a high performance, cost-effective compressor solution.

The fully integrated fuel cell motor/inverter/compressor has been customized for a wide range of fuel cell applications. The system provides a number of benefits to fuel cell suppliers including improved packaging, the elimination of a number of components – such as cables and connectors between the motor and inverter – and overall optimized performance.

UQM’s PowerPhase FCS product portfolio aims to cover the majority of market need for fuel cell electric vehicles, supporting fuel cell stacks from 30kW-150kW and 270-800 VDC voltage range, a pressure ratio ranging from 1 to 2.2, and airflow from 100 to 500 kg/h.

UQM will be displaying this integrated fuel cell compressor system at the International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Expo from 6-8 November 2018 in Foshan, China.

Customers may begin placing orders now in advance of the product rollout in 2019.

Current UQM fuel cell compressor systems are already deployed in a number of vehicle applications including full size transit buses, port vehicles, shuttle vans and passenger cars across a broad range of power levels.


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