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BorgWarner supplying global automaker with integrated EGR solution for reduced NOx emissions

BorgWarner, a leader in clean and efficient solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, is supplying its best-in-class EGR system to a major global automaker across different regions of the world. Featured in one of the automaker’s engines, BorgWarner’s solution will reduce NOx emissions for several diesel vehicles, helping them comply with latest regulations, such as Euro 6d.


BorgWarner’s EGR system is an effective and cost-efficient inside-the-engine method to significantly reduce NOx emissions by recirculating a controllable proportion of the exhaust gas back into the intake air.

BorgWarner’s EGR system reduces NOx emissions through optimized heat absorption as well as lowering oxygen concentration within the combustion chamber, resulting in lower peak cylinder temperatures.

With the capability to resist high thermal loads, the advanced all-in-one solution enables increased efficiency and durable performance even with minimal coolant flow. The EGR module unites technologies such as an EGR cooler, a bypass and an EGR valve into one compact package.



Looks like a small simplification and better integration than contemporary systems. However, this is a high-pressure EGR system and I think there is more potential in improving low-pressure EGR systems, especially in combination with internal EGR (iEGR). For sure, you can combine all three.

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