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car2go to launch in Paris in 2019 with fully electric fleet

In January 2019, car2go will launch in Paris with a fully electric fleet of 400 smart EQ fortwo cars. The French capital is the 15th car2go location in Europe, the 26th worldwide and the fourth city—after Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Madrid—in which car2go operates a fully electric fleet of cars.

During the course of 2019, car2go expects to add several hundred more cars to the Paris fleet.

The company already benefits from many years of experience and great expertise in the management of large fully electric fleets. To date, the more than 400,000 customers at the electric fleet locations have driven over 79 million zero-local-emission kilometers—equating to 1,972 times around the world.

The electric vehicles not only have beneficial effects on the air quality, but the carsharing principle itself also helps cities manage traffic and parking problems. A recent study by the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology showed that each car2go vehicle on the streets of Berlin replaces up to 15 private cars.

The study also indicated that the total number of private car kilometers driven in the city is significantly reduced through the use of car2go vehicles.


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