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Nishitetsu and Toyota to begin trials of multi-modal mobility service “my route” in Fukuoka City

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. (Nishitetsu) and Toyota Motor Corporation will begin trials in Fukuoka City starting today of the multi-modal mobility service “my route” for smartphones, in collaboration with eight service providers in traffic, shop, and event information.

my route supports mobility services with its route search combining various modes of transport including public transport (such as bus, rail, and subway), automobiles (such as taxis, rental cars, and private vehicles), bicycles, and walking, making reservations and payments as required.

Mobility in today’s cities presents various challenges, such as being unable to search combinations of multiple modes of transport (including bus, rail, subway, taxis, rental cars, and share bicycles), and the lack of an integrated system that allows searching for a shop, event, or similar destination while identifying a route and making transport reservations and payments for such.

my route provides shop and event information while enabling users to search, book, and pay for transport, offering a single mobility-focused application with integrated functions, with the aim of supporting smooth movement in Fukuoka City.

For these trials, Toyota will develop and run the app and payment platform, and provide information on Toyota car-rental services. Nishitetsu will provide information on shops and events (such as its Tenjin site), and will launch an app-exclusive digital Fukuoka City One-day Pass.

Through these trials, Nishitetsu and Toyota aim to verify the viability of multi-modal mobility services, understand areas for improvement, and provide the most convenient services for residents and tourists.


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