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Hyundai CRADLE, Hyundai Motor Company’s corporate venturing and open innovation business, has made a strategic investment in allegro.ai, an Israeli technology company specializing in deep learning (DL)-based computer vision.

Hyundai said that the partnership with allegro.ai will accelerate deployment of AI technology in many business areas, thereby improving the quality of Hyundai’s products, thereby increasing customer satisfaction while creating a safer driving environment.

Founded in 2016, allegro.ai offers an end-to-end DL lifecycle management solution focused on deep learning as it applies to computer vision. The company’s platform simplifies the process of developing and managing deep learning-powered solutions, such as those in autonomous vehicles, drones, security, logistics and others.

The platform addresses each phase of the deep-learning product life-cycle:

  • Build and Refine Datasets. Comprehensive biases elimination, synthetic data creation, probing and examination tools, and a version control system that correlates datasets to specific models.

  • Video\Image Annotation. Automate image and video annotation, distribute tagging tasks across teams and easily explore and refine datasets.

  • Experiment and Train. Distribute and automate training tasks, debug faulty predictions, compare results in real-time, and work with multiple frameworks in parallel.

  • Optimize and Control. Leverage detailed model performance gauging, debug detectors with flexible channel statistics and easily implement hyperparameter optimization.

  • Deploy. Spawn continuously evolving “model offspring” optimized per edge-device, internal compute and physical environment, and seamlessly update deployed models on the fly.

  • Back to Data. Deep learning that keeps learning: continuously feed discrete specialized networks with real-world data streams and perpetually expand and refine your datasets and detectors.

Deep learning computer vision is one of the core technologies that can be applied to autonomous driving to navigate roads and make quick decisions in real-time, and allegro.ai is clearly an innovation leader in that field.

Our investment in allegro.ai is a further step in enhancing our presence in the Israeli market, a global leader of technological innovation in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence and deep learning. This is our fifth investment in an Israeli company and our activities will continue to grow the coming year.

—Ruby Chen, Head of Investment at Hyundai CRADLE Tel Aviv

allegro.ai’s investors include MizMaa Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Hyundai Motor Company, Dynamic Loop Capital and Gandyr.


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