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CAMX Power introduces GEMX high performance cathode materials

CAMX Power (CAMX) is introducing a new class of cathode materials that can improve the performance, while also reducing the cost, of lithium-ion batteries. This material was originally conceived by TIAX and continued by CAMX when it became a separate company in 2014. The announcement was delayed until the key patents were obtained internationally. CAMX now has patents granted in the US, EU, China and Japan.

The invention creates a broad class of cathode materials, overarching the high nickel material classes NMC, NCA and LNO, the chemistries currently used, and expected to be used for at least the next ten years, in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EV).

The invention has been named GEMX and the resulting enhanced chemistries, gNMC, gNCA, and gLNO.

High nickel cathode chemistries for vehicle batteries use cobalt to achieve required performance levels. While there is plenty of nickel and lithium to supply tens of millions of vehicles a year, cobalt is in shorter supply and is found in very few countries with many mired in controversy.

GEMX, through molecular engineering, places cobalt at critical places of the cathode particles resulting in less cobalt use, yet with greater stability, higher performance and lower cost for all classes of high nickel materials.

CAMX is already engaged in discussions concerning the licensing of GEMX with major manufacturers of cathode materials.


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