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Celanese and International Paper collaborate with Ford to win environmental award for sustainable materials in automotive

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in Automotive has recognized a joint development in sustainable thermoplastics by Celanese Corporation and International Paper with the Environmental Award for Sustainable Materials in Automotive for an application in the Ford Motor Company’s 2018 Lincoln Continental luxury sedan.

The industry-first application of composites combining cellulose fiber from trees with long-glass fiber in a polypropylene matrix resulted in significant cost savings achieved by reducing weight up to 25% per part. Implementing this solution achieved cycle time reductions of approximately 20-40% and significant energy savings resulting in an estimated 14 million kilograms of carbon dioxide reductions.

Accounting for the largest single automotive part to date injected molded with sustainable plant-based composite materials, the center console carrier in the 2018 Lincoln Continental demonstrates that this natural and thermoplastic fiber blend can meet dimensional stability and component performance requirements while using existing tooling.


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