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VW Car-Net mobile app integrates with Siri to enable new features

Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced that its VW Car-Net mobile app added a new Apple mobile device feature, available now. The new feature includes two types of Siri commands for VW Car-Net to help owners interact with their vehicles.

Available with iOS 12 on Apple devices, owners can now use Siri to help control their vehicle. Once logged into the VW Car-Net App, owners can use Siri to lock and unlock their vehicle, check estimated mileage with the fuel or charge left in the vehicle, and enable the Flash or Honk & Flash commands. For example, an owner would simply say to their Apple device, “Hey Siri, lock my car.”

Additionally, VW Car-Net now offers several shortcuts that can be added to Siri with a personalized phrase, including a start/stop for charging, defroster, and climate; a set climate temperature command; and a “where is my car” command.

Volkswagen is committed to driving the development of more connected and intelligent vehicles, and the Car-Net® connectivity system is a major element in achieving that goal. Features available through Car-Net are divided into three key areas: “App-Connect,” “Security & Service,” and “Guide & Inform.”

Car-Net App-Connect smartphone integration for compatible devices offers users the ability to run select smartphone apps directly on the vehicle’s display through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

Car-Net Security & Service is a suite of elements that provides security features and also allows owners to access their VW remotely through vw.com/carnet as well as a smartphone app. Customers purchasing new Volkswagen models equipped with VW Car-Net Security & Service will receive a six-month trial subscription from Verizon Connect Inc.

Available Car-Net Security & Service features include Automatic Crash Notification; Manual Emergency Call; Roadside Assistance; and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance. In addition, Car-Net Security & Service offers remote vehicle access; remote door lock and unlock; remote honk and flash of lights; last parked location information; and remote status check (doors and windows). Car-Net Security & Service also includes Family Guardian, which offers features such as: speed alert; boundary alert; curfew alert; and valet alert.

In addition to these services, diagnostics and maintenance information is available via a Vehicle Health Report. When it’s time for scheduled service, Car-Net Security & Service not only notifies the customer, but provides a simple way to schedule a dealer visit.

The available VW Car-Net app for smartwatch (supports select Apple Watch and Android Wear operating systems) allows VW customers to control a number of Security & Service features and functions available through the iPhone and Android apps and Customer Web Portal, directly from their wrist. Smartwatch wearers can remotely lock and unlock doors and view the status of doors, windows and sunroof (open or closed). These consumers can also find a parked vehicle with a map of the current vehicle location, and get directions to the vehicle. Drivers can check their fuel level and receive alerts with a compatible smartwatch.

Car-Net Guide & Inform offers an enhanced navigation and infotainment experience for VW consumers. The in-vehicle navigation system features fuel prices, sports scores, movie information and weather data as part of the three-month SiriusXM Travel Link trial. VW customers will also enjoy real-time traffic information and a complimentary three-month Sirius Traffic trial.


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