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Engineering services provider FEV, and autonomous vehicle simulation solution provider Metamoto announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under which FEV will provide technical expertise and support to help Metamoto integrate and onboard new customers onto the company’s scalable autonomous vehicle (AV) simulation offering, Simulation as a Service.

Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service enables companies working on autonomous technology to train, test, debug and validate AV software safely in the virtual space before it is implemented in real-world applications. Since 2016, FEV has been working with these types of alternative solutions for mobility and has been bundling all of the steps associated with advanced, fully connected AVs in its “Smart Vehicle” Center of Excellence.

Because of the increasing connectedness of these types of vehicles, it is imperative to consider the entire vehicle at every stage of the development process when testing and validating the wide array of features and functions that will ultimately be integrated into the end product.

Simulation as a Service is an ideal solution to simulate AV software in a controlled environment, and the offering is directly in line with FEV’s approach to supporting autonomous mobility solutions. We are excited to support Metamoto with this effort and to further demonstrate FEV’s advanced capabilities within the Smart Vehicle industry.

—Dean Tomazic, executive vice president and CTO, FEV North America

Key features of Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service offering include:

  • Scalability – The ability to run millions of tests in a single cycle, ultimately driving billions of virtual test miles, to identify isolated outcomes, performance boundaries and system tolerances.

  • Parameterization – Simulations are executable across a spectrum of environmental (weather, traffic, road conditions, pedestrians, etc.) and hardware (vehicle properties, sensor placement, latency, sensor settings, etc.) parameters.

  • Continuous test and integration – On-demand simulation is inserted into the AV product lifecycle with tools like Jenkins and Jira, allowing for seamless regression testing, agile workflows, version control and more, every time vehicle software, sensors and/or infrastructure change.

  • Accurate simulation – Precise, unified simulation of a variety of sensors is available including LiDAR, camera, radar, GPS, IMU and others.

  • Interoperability – Metamoto’s offering is delivered as an add-on to other mobility solutions.

Billions of simulations are ultimately required to assure the safety of autonomous systems and we help our customers take advantage of the best simulation tools and practices available, all at a much lower cost and in a much safer manner than building a proprietary solution or testing on real-world roads.

—Chad Partridge, CEO, Metamoto


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