European Parliament backs CO2 emissions cuts for trucks; 35% by 2030; 20% of new HDVs to be zero- or low-emissions by 2030
AP&C to offer aluminum alloy F357 powder from April 2019 to meet increased demand from aerospace and automotive sectors

Chinese automaker Zotye creating US sales and distribution company

Chinese auto brand Zotye Automobile is partnering with HAAH Automotive Holdings to form a new sales and distribution company in the United States. The new company will be known as Zotye USA and headquartered in Lake Forest, California.

Zotye Automobile International Co. designs, engineers, manufactures and sells the Zotye brand vehicles in China and globally.

The company’s first US product with be an SUV but the specific model has not been announced. Engineering development and homologation work on the model is underway and is proceeding smoothly. Sales to retail customers in the US are expected to begin in 2020, according to Zotye USA.

Zotye USA will handle all sales, distribution, parts and service for Zotye vehicles in the United States. The vehicles will initially be imported from China where they are currently designed, engineered and produced by Zotye Automobile International Co.



If Zotye and affiliates design, produce and import affordable high performance PHEV (SUVs), the local Big 3s and Mr. P will not be very happy and will try to find ways to block and/or delay imports.

Alternatively, final assembly could be carried out in USA in a fully robotized factory.

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