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Israel-based AdaSky, pioneer in Far-Infrared technology (FIR) for autonomous vehicles, has secured $20 million from lead investor, Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd, a leading global automotive supplier.

The investment is part of a larger round of funding, and will enable the company to expand globally. AdaSky’s solution, Viper, is an all-in-one, complete solution for autonomous vehicles, combining FIR camera technology with fusion-ready, deep-learning computer vision algorithms.

Viper is significantly smaller than other camera solutions at only 2.6 cm in diameter by 4.3 cm in length and has very low power consumption, making it ideal for the complex autonomous vehicle system. Unlike competitive cameras, the processing application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), along with state-of-the-art image processing algorithms, enable Viper to support high resolution video, even looking directly into the sun.

AdaSky’s advanced thermal sensing solution allows the vehicle to sense and analyze its surroundings by passively collecting FIR signals through detection of thermal energy radiated from objects and their body heat. AdaSky introduces a new modality in which the signals come from a different band of the spectrum, orthogonal to existing imaging solutions.

AdaSky’s image processing and computer vision algorithms process the signals collected by the camera to provide accurate object detection and scene analysis, giving the vehicle a new layer of information and the ability to precisely detect pedestrians 200 meters away or more, allowing more distance in which to react to driving decisions.

The FIR market has seen strong growth over the past five years. Market research group Yole Développement estimates a four-time growth in units. Automotive is a significant segment of the growth, driven by night vision and redundant safety for autonomous vehicles.

Viper is the smallest, highest-resolution thermal camera for autonomous vehicles on the market. We strongly believe that AdaSky’s technology will enable 24/7 sight and perception for vehicles and put us all on the path to fully autonomous driving. Our investment in AdaSky strengthens our capabilities in supplying key technology for OEMs of autonomous vehicles, which is vital for our long-term growth in the automotive market.

—Myung-Keun Lee, Chairman & Co-CEO of Sungwoo Hitech

AdaSky plans to continue to work on R&D projects and trials with OEMs and will expand its product feature roadmap, including new features and integrations to be introduced at CES 2019.



Amazing detection in low and difficult light conditions. How well will it do with heavy snowfall? This seems to be a potential major step towards practical improved driverless vehicles.

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