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FedEx acquiring 1,000 Chanje electric delivery vehicles

FedEx Corp. will add 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles to its fleet. (Earlier post.) FedEx is purchasing 100 of the vehicles from Chanje Energy Inc and leasing 900 from Ryder System, Inc.


The purpose-built electric vehicles will be operated by FedEx Express for commercial and residential pick-up and delivery services in the United States.

The Chanje electric medium duty panel van van is equipped to haul up to 6,000 pounds and up to 675 cubic feet of cargo, all with zero vehicle exhaust emissions and up to 150-mile range on a single charge. The V8100’s 13.2 kW onboard charger supports Level 2 and DC fast charging.

The Chanje EVs are configured to match the current shelving, specifications, and workflow that FedEx Express delivery drivers use today, without the emissions, noise, or maintenance associated with gas or diesel vehicles.

The vehicles are manufactured by FDG in Hangzhou, China, and purchased through Chanje Energy Inc., the company’s subsidiary for global business. Ryder System, Inc. will provide support services for all of the vehicles.

The EVs have the potential to help FedEx save two thousand gallons of fuel while avoiding 20 tons of emissions per vehicle each year. The maximum cargo capacity is around 6,000 pounds. All of the EVs will be operated in California.

FedEx has been using all-electric vehicles as part of its pickup-and-delivery fleet since 2009.



This is a rather large made in China e-van with restricted, ideal condition, e-range (150 miles) . It will probably to 100 miles in hilly places and/or in cold weather.

This raises the bar for UPS, USPS and fleets like Amazon who just bought thousands of gas guzzlers. May the most efficient company (and our planet) win!


Proves here is a good market for EVs(Electric Vans). Too bad the low supply forces the carriers to buy obsolete, dirty-air products.


It would be good if all urban delivery vans, buses and taxis were very low emissions (of which battery electric is one option). It is more about urban air quality than CO2 in this case, but you get both with electric drive.
The trick is to get the worst polluters off the roads as quickly as possible and replace them with any low emissions vehicle.


We can make progress on delivery trucks, clean the air, less imported oil.

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