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AVL and Comau partner to deliver advanced solutions for EV market; focus on automotive batteries

AVL List GmbH and Comau SpA, a leading company in industrial automation products and systems, have joined forces to offer innovative, modular and flexible solutions for electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing. AVL and Comau have been cooperating since the beginning of the year on simulation, design, assembly and testing of powertrain components for electric as well as traditional vehicles.

The initial focus of the partnership will be on assembly systems and end-of-line testing for automotive batteries.

The combination of know-how between Comau with its enhanced Industry 4.0 solutions and AVL, with design experience in the integration of powertrain components and related testing methodologies, will bring battery assembly and end-of-line testing to a new level.

—Urs Gerspach, Executive Vice President, AVL List


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