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Henkel to build strategic alliance with RLE International for next-gen e-mobility concepts and lightweight innovations

Henkel and RLE International will form a strategic alliance focused on becoming the premier design-in engineering solution provider for the mobility industry.

Automotive megatrends and future mobility concepts driven by increasing environmental legislation, e-mobility and autonomous driving are shaping the engineering challenges of the industry: New architecture designs and solutions are required to reduce weight and increase safety. Furthermore, the integration and protection of batteries and electronic components play a crucial role in development and manufacturing.

RLE’s core business includes effective and technologically sophisticated engineering expertise in vehicle component development and design.

This involves the fields of concept development, vehicle and safety engineering, as well as electrics/electronics, e-mobility and lightweight design. Once combined with Henkel’s advanced materials know-how in high performance adhesives and sealants, structural foams and sound-deadeners we will become the go-to engineering partner and preferred advanced material supplier in the industry.

—Ralf Laufenberg, CEO RLE International

This joint approach to market will grant customers access to a global combination of long-term engineering know-how and best-in-class material science which will enable next generation design solutions and new levels of lightweight structures.



A small, very low drag safer 1000-lbs vehicle (for 4 passengers) is a strong possibility. New lighter 25 to 30 KW batteries could run such vehicle for up to 400+ Km. Roof/hood/booth top solar cells could help to extend (no cost) range with less batteries.

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