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SiNode and JNC partner to form NanoGraf to improve battery energy density by 50%; Si-graphene composit anode materials

Mitsubishi Outlander top-selling PHEV in Canada with 5,052 units YTD

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Ltd. (MMSCAN) announced that 5,052 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs have been delivered year-to-date, establishing the vehicle as Canada’s best-selling plug-in hybrid. This also marks the first time a plug-in hybrid has reached 5,000 sales in the calendar year in Canada.

Dealer support has been critical to Outlander PHEV success with wide availability of the vehicle from coast-to-coast; however, 47% of Outlander PHEV sales come from Québec. The top five Outlander PHEV dealers year-to-date in order are Québec Mitsubishi (Québec), Metrotown Mitsubishi (B.C.), St. Hyacinthe Mitsubishi (Québec), Wolfe Mitsubishi (B.C.) and Boisvert Mitsubishi (Québec).

For the month of November, MMSCAN reported 1,706 sales for the month. Mitsubishi Motor’s top-selling nameplate, the subcompact SUV, RVR reached 478 sales, Outlander notched 403 sales and 299 Outlander PHEVs were delivered. Eclipse Cross rounds out Mitsubishi Motors SUV lineup with 357 deliveries. The subcompact Mirage hatchback and G4 sedan combined for 169 sales in November. Overall monthly November sales are down 12% over last year’s record month. MMSCAN reports 23,594 vehicles sold year to date—up 10% year-on-year.



This new AWD PHEV SUV from Mitsubishi, with $3000 rebates + $4000 subsidy + 4 free winter tires seems to be the right vehicle at the right place & time

Sales are climbing fast while sales of similar ICEVs from Ford, GM, Fiat/Chrysler are going down.

The new Toyota SUV/PHEVs may soon compete?


Cars of this size and weight, as all other SUVs, should not be used as substitute for for a "normal" car. It is a complete waste of resources. If Americans could do anything about their big assess, they would fit in a normal car. It is also a health issue, since for the second year in a row, life expectancy is on decline in the USA, in contrast to most other developed countries.

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