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SiNode and JNC partner to form NanoGraf to improve battery energy density by 50%; Si-graphene composit anode materials

SiNode Systems, a Chicago-based advanced materials company developing silicon-graphene materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries (earlier post), and JNC Corporation, a Tokyo-based specialty chemical manufacturer, have formed NanoGraf Corporation—a joint venture focused on commercializing asvanced materials for the Lithium-ion battery industry—with a $4.5-million investment. SiNode is now remaned NanoGraf.

NanoGraf’s technology enhances the performance of battery materials via a proprietary graphene-wrapped silicon anode originally invented at Northwestern University. The proprietary combination of silicon-based alloys and a flexible 3D graphene network helps stabilize the active material during charge and discharge. NanoGraf materials enhance battery energy and power density by up to 50% and offer best-in-class cycle life.

NanoGraf material can be customized to achieve capacities between 1000 mAh/g and more than 2500 mAh/g, delivering higher cell level energy density and best-in-class rate capabilities for high discharge applications.

Rather than using vapor deposition-based systems, Nanograf utilizes a wet chemistry process that is highly scalable and already proven in a pilot manufacturing line in Japan. The anode materials drop in to existing electrode mixing and coating equipment, and they have been validated in large-scale battery manufacturing facilities worldwide.

NanoGraf will use the new funding to expand commercial production of its silicon-graphene composite anode materials and to continue development of additional materials platforms. Via the novel partnership agreement, NanoGraf will gain production facilities in Japan, expanded distribution channels worldwide, over 50 patents, and two research facilities.

Our new company, NanoGraf Corporation, embodies our vision to create materials solutions that will change the battery industry. Thanks to our partnership with JNC Corporation, we are well-positioned for accelerated growth as we commercialize our graphene-wrapping technology for a range of applications, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. With our new ton-scale facility we can deliver larger volumes of material to our growing customer base.

—Samir Mayekar, NanoGraf co-founder and CEO



How soon can it be introduced for EV batteries mass production?


First they have to learn to make graphene by the ton cheap.


Without quantification, one can only wish them well.

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