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ŠKODA partners with kinetic energy storage company Chakratec

ŠKODA AUTO has formed a number of technology partnerships with Israeli start-ups; to mark the importance Israel has for future technologies within the brand, the world premiere of the all-new compact ŠKODA SCALA will be hosted in Tel Aviv.

One of ŠKODA’s partners is Chakratec, the developer of a kinetic energy storage technology with unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles. Chakratec’s solutions stores electricity as kinetic energy in a fast-rotating flywheel.

One Chakratec flywheel has 3 kWh of capacity, and weighs 250 kg. The company envisions using its systems as modular solutions for the deployment of fast EV cahrging stations.

By boosting and stabilizing the power grid, Chakratec is enabling the deployment of fast charging stations practically anywhere, with no need to upgrade the infrastructure and by that reducing the economic risk of the fast charging stations roll-out. Since it is a mechanical and not a chemical battery, it is also totally green and environmentally friendly, ŠKODA says.



At a mere 3 kWh apiece, it's going to take stacks of them to be able to handle even a single Tesla let alone streams or spates of them.  They really should be aiming at a larger unit size.

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