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Hydrogenics awarded contract for aircraft fuel cell development & supply

Hydrogenics Corporation has been selected to design and supply fuel cell power modules for a new lightweight aircraft. Under development by a customer that wishes to remain undisclosed for competitive reasons, this electric air mobility vehicle will be used for daily commuting and other applications.

Over the course of 2019 Hydrogenics will develop and supply an ultra-light fuel cell system which will be the main propulsion unit for this aircraft.

We are extremely pleased to have been selected by this innovative organization in the market for air mobility, where we see growing interest in aircraft applications to solve urban congestion. Hydrogenics has already established a position in the aerospace industry due to our work on the world’s first multi-passenger, all-electric airplane—launched in 2017—and as a supplier to leading companies such as Airbus and Boeing. We look forward to adapting our proven, heavy-duty fuel cell solutions to this new aircraft.

—Daryl Wilson, President & CEO of Hydrogenics



This could be a first step towards clean running fuel cell aircraft following long range drones application?

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