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In total, the Volkswagen brand will invest more than €11 billion in e-mobility, digitalization, autonomous driving and mobility services from 2019 to 2023, of which more than €9 billion (US$10.2 billion) will be spent on Volkswagen’s electrification offensive.

The brand currently has two fully-electric cars in its program. This number will increase to around 20 by 2025, with planned production set at more than one million units.

Work on converting the Zwickau plant to be run exclusively as an electric mobility site is already underway, and in addition the plants in Emden and Hanover will switch to the production of electric vehicles from 2022.

Collectively, these three sites will become Europe’s largest e-production network. Two electric vehicle plants are also currently taking shape in Anting and Foshan in China, with production scheduled to commence in 2020. For North America, the brand plans to make a decision on a production location for electric vehicles soon.

With the fully-electric ID.1 made in Zwickau, where the order process features pre-booking for the first time, Volkswagen is putting a new generation of vehicles on the road that also sets standards in digitalization and connectivity.

With the ID., the dawning of the e-mobility era and connectivity for our brand becomes tangible for our customers, too. The ID. will be the first fully-connected, fully-electric car and will be a symbol of the ‘New Volkswagen’.

—Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann

Volkswagen will also be investing strongly in digitalization. The Volkswagen Automotive Cloud developed together with partners lays the groundwork for offering an ever-growing range of digital services in fully-connected vehicles. The aim is to create the world’s largest automotive ecosystem.

In order to finance the enormous future investments, the Volkswagen brand will have to realize even higher cost savings than previously planned.

The pact for the future will realize cost savings amounting to more than €2.2 billion by the end of 2018. That means the lion’s share of the planned total savings of €3 billion by 2020 will already have been achieved.

Further significant savings are expected from measures such as the strong expansion of the platform model. Currently, approximately 60% of the conventional models are based on the Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB), and this is set to increase to around 80% by 2020.

In total Volkswagen has already built more than 50 million vehicles based on the MQB, and the Group is projecting a similar volume for the coming years. As many as 15 million Group vehicles based on the MEB are to leave the assembly line under the first wave of electric models from 2019.

Another lever is plant productivity, where an average increase of 30% is planned for the period to 2025. At the same time there is to be a massive reduction in the complexity of the model portfolio. In Europe, the brand will be discontinuing 25% of the engine-transmission variants with low customer demand in the coming model year, with corresponding positive effects on the complexity of production and the supply chain.

These and further measures such as optimizing material costs should contribute towards boosting the operating return more swiftly than originally planned.

We must force the pace of our transformation and become more efficient and agile. We cannot let up in our efforts and must realize further substantial improvements. What we have achieved so far is still not enough.

—Ralf Brandstätter, the brand’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for day-to-day business



What are the U.S. makers doing? Still banking on Republican fossil fuel policies to save them? They are depending on PUs and SUVs to stay in business and seem to have conceded the sedan market to the others. I think they are in 'big trouble' and it's only a matter of time before they ask for Government money.


It will be a 9 billions loss. Even in this website, almost everyone is operating a gas car, their wife and grown kids and all the family members and all the neighbors have gas cars. It is the same in Europe and the investment for car manufacturers is DECIDED by bankers and goverments, not by car manufacturers anymore, that are only struggling now since the climate change affiliations took control of policies endangering democratic capitalism.

It is impossible to power everuthing by strait electricity and electricity is the worst method for Mobile energy, electricity is only for stationary apparatus. If einstein were here, he would tell you the same thing as me.


You make outrageous statements, that is trolling.

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