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H2B2 awarded patent for technology monitoring and controlling electrolysis stack

H2B2 announced that its international application “System for monitoring and controlling and Electrolysis Stack and methods for minimizing the degradation of the stack and maximum hydrogen production with said system” has been published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The goal of the patent is to create a system that enables monitoring and control of a stack, minimizing its degradation and allowing maximum hydrogen production.

The system comprises: a first control loop, ensuring that the temperature at the intake of the stack does not exceed a predetermined temperature; a second control loop ensuring that the temperature difference between the intake and the outlet of the stack does not exceed a predetermined value; a third control loop ensuring that the conductivity of the water does not exceed a certain value; and a controller of the current applied to the stack, so that current is always inside a predetermined range.

H2B2 is a technology company that promotes, develops, finances, designs, integrates, manufactures, operates, and maintains hydrogen production systems based on water electrolysis. It specializes in clean and sustainable hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.




"current is always inside a predetermined range."  This sounds like the flexibility for balancing purposes is at odds with stack lifespan.


Better controlled electrolysers will have higher efficiency and longer operational life and produce lower cost H2 for industries and FCEVs?


These "better controlled electrolysers" will have minimum power set points which will have to be added to the base load.  You know, the load that wind and solar CANNOT service?

Plays well with nukes, though.

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