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Blackburn Energy RelGen regenerative energy capture system for trucks now available

Blackburn Energy, Inc. announced immediate availability of RelGen, a new technology that eliminates dependency on a truck’s alternator to generate electricity. RelGen, an innovative solution applying the principles of kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS), such as those used in Formula One racing, captures energy that otherwise is lost while braking, converts it to electricity, then saves it into a battery array.

The stored energy can then be used in multiple ways—to power electric Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) such as Thermo King’s Tripac and Carrier’s ComfortPro that heat and cool the cabs of long-haul trucks, or to power liftgates and accessory systems, for example.

RelGen eliminates the dependency on the engine’s alternator to create energy. RelGen is easy to install and has a return on investment of less than a year. Other benefits to using RelGen can include saving thousands of gallons of fuel through the elimination of engine idling and improved overall fuel efficiency, as well as lowering maintenance costs by reducing engine wear and saving on diesel particulate after treatment costs all by removing the electric load from the engine.


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