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BMW Group launches ride-hailing business based in Chengdu

The BMW Group launched its ride-hailing service in Chengdu, the capital city of the Chinese province Sichuan, as part of its premium mobility brand ReachNow.

The BMW Group is the first foreign company in China to obtain a license to operate a ride-hailing service. By adding an additional premium mobility option to its existing car-sharing business in China, the company seeks to further expand its mobility services offering.

The ride-hailing service will complement the current ReachNow car-sharing business which was started in Chengdu in partnership with EVCARD in December 2017 and runs a fleet of 100 BMW i3 electric vehicles. The new Ride-Hailing service offers an additional mobility solution for those who do not wish to get behind the wheel themselves, but would rather book a car with driver. Customers can use the BMW ReachNow App to either pre-book or instantly book a Ride-Hailing service.


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