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Voltabox will come to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the first time in January with a focus on its e-mobility solutions. In addition to its lithium-ion battery technology, Voltabox will also present e-drives.

Voltabox is active with its operating segment Voltaforce in select mass markets. For example, with its starter batteries, the company has become an important single-source partner for BMW Motorrad. Because of their significantly lower weight compared to batteries with traditional lead acid cells, lithium-ion starter batteries are increasingly in demand with end consumers. At CES, the Voltabox starter batteries will be showcased in 5Ah and 10Ah versions.

The new Voltabox smartphone app offers new possibilities for monitoring the battery state—functions that will be shown live in connection with the battery for the first time at CES. The application offers the ability to monitor and accordingly analyze many categories of live data from the starter battery.

In addition, Voltabox will present a 25Ah motorsports battery, for which there is a relevant market, particularly in North America.

Moreover, for the first time Voltabox will publicly present various battery systems for pedelecs and e-bikes that have been added to its service portfolio since the takeover of ACCURATE Smart Battery Systems, which occurred several weeks ago. The batteries are lightweight, powerful and aesthetically beautiful and can be easily integrated into the bicycle frame.

Voltabox will also show central components of its own modular battery system. They are available, among other things, in various voltages, with integrated cell module controller (CMC), and with differing thermal management. The modular kit from Voltabox thereby offers all cell chemistries such as LPF, NMC, LTO and NCA in all usual cell formats.


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