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Human Horizons, Wuxi Weifu e-Drive Technology and Protean Electric to deliver mass produced in-wheel motors for intelligent connected vehicles

Mobility technology innovator Human Horizons, Protean Electric Ltd and Wuxi Weifu e-Drive Technology Ltd. (WFDT) announced their memorandum of strategic co-operation to develop and to manufacture in-wheel motors for the next generation of intelligent connected vehicles.

A dedicated team and production facility will be created in China to deliver in-wheel motors at scale, simplifying production systems, reducing development lead times and accelerating the benefits that in-wheel motors bring to the market for future transport solutions.

  • Human Horizons is committed to future intelligent mobility with “3-Smart” (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) as its strategy. Human Horizons will build on research and development for innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies and the industrialization of future-oriented smart vehicles to further plan smart transportations, and contribute to the development of smart cities and finally redefine human mobility.

  • Wuxi Weifu e-Drive Technology Co., Ltd. is the joint venture formed by Weifu Group and Protean Electric Ltd, for the manufacture of the ProteanDrive Pd18. In China the joint venture focuses on customer application engineering and manufacturing process engineering. Under the leadership of Protean’s technology center in the UK, the joint venture supports product development and continuous engineering of in-wheel motor products.

    Weifu High Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Weifu Group) is an automotive component manufacturer, and one of the Top 30 Automotive Enterprises. Operating since 1958 in China, Weifu Group leads in automotive fuel in-take and exhaust systems.

  • Protean Electric Ltd designs, develops and manufactures ProteanDrive, a fully integrated in-wheel drive solution. Protean maintains operations in the United Kingdom, China and the USA, with its manufacturing plant at Tianjin, China.



Light In-wheel motors, coupled with lighter tires, wheels and brakes could become a common sub-unit (like tires), mass produced and shared by man e-vehicles for a lower total cost per vehicle? AWD + AWS e-vehicles could become the norm?

All three parts could be recycled to further reduce net total cost.

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