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Neste submits three pathways for California LCFS for renewable diesel produced at Porvoo refinery

Finland-based Neste has submitted three new Tier 2 Pathways for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for renewable diesel produced at its Porvoo, Finland refinery. Two pathways are for Renewable Diesel from Tallow & Animal Fat and one is for Renewable Diesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO).

Neste already has eight LCFS pathways for renewable diesel produced from a variety of feedstocks (tallow, Australian tallow, North American tallow, SE Asian fish oil, New Zealand tallow, North American corn oil, global used cooking oil and Asian used cooking oil) at its major Singapore facility (earlier post), with carbon intensities (CI) ranging from 16.89 to 39.06 gCO2e/MJ.


The Porvoo renewable diesel (RD) plant uses mixed feedstocks to produce RD, naphtha, and a propane-rich off-gas. The RD produced is branded and marketed as Neste My Renewable Diesel. The production plant is integrated into the Neste Porvoo refinery’s existing industrial infrastructure which includes hydrogen production, stream and power as well as waste water treatment, port and storage services.

The process steps at the Porvoo production plant include pre-treatment, hydro-treatment, stabilization, and recycle. Since Neste uses ocean tanker vessels (cargo capacities not included in the CA-GREET2.0 model) used to transport feedstock, Neste applied for a Tier 2 Method 2B RD pathway using globally sourced tallow as feedstock.

In consultation and guidance from Argonne National Laboratory, CARB staff utilized GaBi (Life Cycle Data software) to calculate emission factors for the ocean tankers reported by Neste in their pathway application.

The two tallow applications have CIs of 45.08 and 51.90 gCO2e/MJ; the tallow feedstock for the RD with the higher CI first makes an intermediate stop at a pretreatment facility.

The Porvoo pathway for RD from UCO carries a CI of 30.97 gCO2e/MJ.


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