Vatican City State transport to use Eni Diesel+ renewable diesel blend; used cooking oil (UCO) from Vatican restaurants
UT study finds new shale gas drilling methods boost production potential 20% compared to earlier assessment



With the exception of a few States, this is a surprising/excellent PEV growth rate (30.2%) for USA from 2016 to 2017.

Not surprised to see Vermont leading with 56.4%

Will 2017 to 2018 do as well or better?

In Canada, Quebec with almost 50% of total is still leading but a lot more could be done to promote the use of PEVs with abondant/surplus clean very low cost Hydro/Wind electricity. The accumulated Green Fund has not been used to its full potential or as been badly used. The new provincial government will try to correct the situation and use the Green Fund to further promote ground transportation electrification.

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