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BAE Systems, a global provider of more than 10,000 electric-hybrid, battery-electric, and fuel-cell electric systems, announced that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has ordered 194 electric-hybrid buses using the BAE Systems Series-ER extended range propulsion system.


Series-ER components.

The Series-ER uses the same components as the Series-E hybrid-electric system, but with a larger battery. Series-ER extends the electric driving range and provides electric operating modes such as:

  • Extended EV range: Driving on all-electric power in no- or low-emission areas can be programmed according to each transit agency’s specifications, to shut the engine off in a tunnel or other preferred areas.

  • Electric accessories: Accessory Power System options can power all conventional electric loads, such as cooling fans and pumps, plus all hybrid cooling systems.

  • Stop/start technology: With bus accessories powered by the Accessory Power Systems (APS), the engine can be shut off at stops to prevent idling and emissions. The stop/start function can be programmed with a global positioning system to automatically shut down the engine at specified locations.

  • Depot drive: The engine can be shut down in specified locations to allow for electric drive mode in low- and no-emission areas, when traveling < 500 yards.we have developed Series-ER to extend the electric travel time and distance without the worry of charging, without investing in non-standardized charging infrastructure, without taking power off the grid, and without decreasing the number of passengers on board when adding extra battery packs.

With the series hybrid system, there is no mechanical link between the diesel engine and the axle; all traction power comes from the electric motor. Power flows in series from engine to generator to traction motor.

As transit agencies continue to advance toward more electric systems to help them meet their environmental goals, the demand for BAE Systems’ reliable and efficient hybrid-electric systems continues to grow. Half of the 10,000 system deliveries were made in the past three years.



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