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Autotalks’ C-V2X capabilities being demonstrated by HARMAN at CES 2019

Autotalks was selected by HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to provide the V2X chipset for its Telematics platform being showcased at CES 2019. Autotalks’ second-generation chipsets, which were selected, are mass-market ready and support both DSRC and C-V2X direct communications (PC5 protocol).

HARMAN’s live demonstration will show a vehicle communicating with a motorcycle using C-V2X direct communications; the Autotalks chipset is used in both.

Harman’s solution consists of a modular TCU (Telematics Control Unit) accommodating a cellular NAD (Network Access Device) side-by-side Autotalks’ second-generation chipset providing C-V2X capabilities.

Autotalks C-V2X capabilities consist of a 3GPP-compliant PC5 modem, with dual antenna and diversity for both transmission and reception, as well as an optimized closed-loop remote antenna solution for the highest radio performance.

Autotalks’ V2X chipset is currently available for customer and partner demonstrations.


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