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Mercedes-Benz electric Citaro city buses in operation in Mannheim and Heidelberg

KDDI, AT&T to connect Toyota and Lexus vehicles in US with 4G LTE starting in the fall

Toyota and Lexus are bringing connected car capabilities to their vehicles in the United States. Toyota Motor North America, KDDI and AT&T will collaborate to enable 4G LTE connectivity for all new model Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks. This will start with 2020 model year vehicles in the fall of 2019, across all 50 states.

The ecosystem will build on the joint Global Communications Platform announced by Toyota and KDDI in 2016 to support car connectivity. Features will include:

  • Wi-Fi hotspots so owners of select Toyota and Lexus vehicles can stream, browse and share entertainment among multiple smartphones and tablets from the open road.

  • Unlimited data plans offered by AT&T for eligible Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

  • Connected services such as remote start to crank up a car remotely and start up the heat or A/C; remote diagnostics to provide vehicle health information to customers and dealers; Destination Assist to download vehicle destinations to navigation systems; Safety Connect to help in an emergency by connecting drivers to a 24/7 response center at the touch of a button.



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