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Transdev, ZF and e.GO announce partnership for shared autonomous mobility

Transdev, a leading operator and global integrator of mobility solutions, is partnering with ZF and e.GO, a manufacturer of electric vehicles to develop a new shared mobility solution by integrating the autonomous driven e.GO Mover shuttle with the operating System by Transdev.


The e.GO Moove GmbH joint venture (which partners e.GO and ZF) is providing the e.GO Mover, a fully electric, connected and automated shuttle. ZF is equipping this people mover with electric drive systems, steering systems and brakes as well as ZF’s ProAI central computer (using artificial intelligence) and sensors which enable automated driving functions. Transdev, through its global Autonomous Transport System (ATS by Transdev) will provide its supervision system, connected infrastructure and client application.

The partners will start working together immediately to provide a fully functional solution by 2020, with priority markets in France and Germany.

We are convinced that public transport will lead and be the first place where real autonomous services will be developed and available for the general public. This partnership with ZF and e.GO is a great opportunity to enrich our existing mobility solutions with new autonomous vehicles in order to offer the best solutions to our clients.

—Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America and head of Autonomous Transportation Systems



This ADV could become a complement for private vehicles and city buses and could reduce city traffic jams?


Several things strike me:
a: It might be a bit weird being stuck in a pod like that with complete strangers and no driver - larger than a car, smaller than a bus (where the numbers of people gives anonymity).
b: What kind of roads can it drive on - I don;t see a lidar. Is it just for separated roadways?


This is a beginning to autonomous shuttles.
I think they have a future, we will see.

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