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Continental invests in virtual development for automated driving and collaborates with AAI

Continental is collaborating with the German start-up company —Amit Kapoor, head of the business unit Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at Continental, North America

Set at a level that guarantees the required level of safety, the number of test miless can be achieved faster and more cost-effectively. Real testing continues to be essential for driving function testing, since testing on a purely virtual level is not enough. Virtual tests help to reduce risks before real world testing and offers full test recording with data analytics and incident replay capabilities for precise identification of software improvement.

AAI and Continental have already begun their collaboration. The collaboration sets up a clear separation between vehicle simulation and environment simulation.

AAI is responsible for the environment, providing software that enables driving vehicles in a virtual world. Individual parameters determine the weather, traffic infrastructure, road markings, and objects such as road signs and potholes. As a second element, AAI uses artificial intelligence to integrate traffic participants (agents) into the virtual simulation environment and uses machine learning algorithms to train agent behavior, resulting in aggressive, moderate and defensive driver profiles. The long-term goal is to create a “replica of the world” and realistically simulate all road users and environmental factors.

Continental is responsible for vehicle simulation and is building a virtual vehicle with software that masters various driving functions at different levels of automation. Continental’s task still includes completely representing its own vehicle and all the software components it contains, with the simulation task of driving dynamics. The entire ADAS product portfolio will be tested.

Since AAI and Continental are openly collaborating with each other, the interfaces of both environments are interconnected.

Both partners will benefit from the collaboration. Continental will gain software that can create realistic traffic simulations, enabling new products in the ADAS portfolio to be tested virtually. AAI increases its automotive sector and sensor technology expertise.


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