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Cepton expands LiDAR portfolio; NVIDIA DRIVE

Cepton Technologies Inc., a provider of 3D LiDAR solutions, announced two new LiDAR products: the Vista-M and Vista-X. The Vista series LiDAR solutions are built with Cepton’s patented Micro-Motion Technology (MMT) and run on the NVIDIA DRIVE in-vehicle AI computing platform—providing high resolution and long-range imaging to enable all levels of autonomous applications.

The Vista-M LiDAR packs a 120-degree field of view (FOV) with 150-meter range into a sensor the size of a typical box of crayons. This compact design enables LiDAR integration with a vehicle’s headlights, tail lights and side view mirrors, giving designers more freedom to bring intelligence and autonomy into vehicle designs. Currently, Cepton is providing this miniaturized solution to its automotive partners for different integration approaches.

The Vista-X LiDAR supports an expanded 200-meter range capability at a 10 percent reflectivity target to 120-degree FOV. This wide FOV enables object detection, tracking and localization in a much wider area. The uniform 0.2-degree spatial resolution across the entire FOV eliminates the complexity and safety risk in run-time FOV configurations enabling the design flexibility to integrate Vista-X into the front, back or inside of the vehicle.

High performance and cost efficient LiDARs, such as Cepton’s Vista solutions, are important developments that will help bring self-driving vehicles to market. By leveraging the NVIDIA DRIVE platform’s high-performance computational capabilities for processing Cepton LiDAR data, vehicles can get an accurate representation of their surrounding environment to autonomously navigate.

—Glenn Schuster, senior director, technical marketing, NVIDIA

Continued market forecast from leading LiDAR analyst firm, Yole Développement indicates that 2019 and beyond are prime for the autonomous car market, with an expected market value of $28B by 2032.


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