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Infinitum Electric, developer of ultra high-efficiency, durable, lightweight and cost-effective electric motors built with patented printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology and integrated control systems, has closed a $1.8-million Series A round of financing, led by Cottonwood Technology Fund (CTF).

To date, Infinitum has received a total of $2.7 million in funding, and plans to leverage the new financing to launch an HVAC-specific, fully-integrated motor. Infinitum will also use the new funding to increase research and development efforts for applications in the Electric Vehicle and Oil and Gas markets.


Infinitum Electric’s fully-integrated 5HP motor for HVAC.

Infinitum Electric says that its PCB stator technology and control systems, with five patents and eleven patents pending, provide superior performance in the electric motor industry with a cost advantage over traditional motors. Among the benefits of the technology:

  • Removal of the conventional laminated stator core significantly reduces core losses, decreases cogging and torque ripple and increases efficiency. Identical copper conductors allow electrical losses to be easily controlled and provides the highest power density by optimizing copper layout.

  • Copper conductors are fully insulated and provide the entire coil with an equal coefficient of thermal expansion. The continuous coil design limits internal connections and increases life expectancy. In the absence of mechanical interference, this insulation method and stator design is almost indestructible, the company says.

  • Wire windings and iron laminations are eliminated by etching copper conductors into a printed circuit board. Weight reduction on the component level is as high as 90% and the machine level can be up to 50% lighter weight.

  • Instead of using aftermarket monitoring solutions, Infinitum embeds IoT circuitry directly to the stators surface for the most accurate data that comes directly from the source.

Infinitum’s electric motor efficiency exceeds IE5 efficiency, what the industry today considers to be the highest efficiency class for low voltage AC motors. In addition, the customizable design of Infinitum motors and generators allows for greater optimization than any other electric motor, resulting in up to 25% lower costs, up to 60% less weight, superior durability and enhanced IoT connectivity.

Infinitum is working with global motor and generator manufacturers and other industrial OEMs to customize its technology for specific applications and market segments.

Infinitum will initially focus on air-moving applications in the HVAC industry, with partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest players currently underway. The company will showcase its HVAC technology at the AHR EXPO in Atlanta next week. Expansion into Electric Vehicle and Oil and Gas segments are next in line for Infinitum.

Our patented circuit board stator is what sets us apart and positions us well for success, not just in the HVAC space, but for a variety of applications. Our motor technology provides superior advantages for companies looking for improved performance. The electric motor market is a $150 billion industry annually, over a century old, and many markets within the industry are trying to consume and create power more efficiently. Some markets, like Electric Vehicles, are in the process of electrifying completely.

—Ben Schuler, CEO, Infinitum Electric



Creating and Consuming e-energy more efficiently with lower cost, lighter motors/generators is a challenge but could benefit future HVAC units, electrified vehicles and most REs.


Ummhh: Harvey, I learned decades ago - and that is still valid to this very day - that neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed; they can be converted only from one form into the other.


The word generating would have been more accurate!

Electric generators and e-motors are basically the same technology?

An improved technology would benefit both?


Yoatmon seems to be confused.

Infinitum's website claims an efficiency of 97%-ish. Not bad at all. But not as groundbreaking as they're making it sound. ( emrax makes a ~97% eff motor )

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