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Harley-Davidson using Samsung SDI battery for LiveWire

Harley-Davidson will mount Samsung SID battery packs on its LiveWire electric motorcycle. (Earlier post.)

The motorcycle manufacturer’s first all-electric motorcycle started with “Project Livewire” in 2014, and after 4 years of collaborating with Samsung SDI, LiveWire Motorcycle was created. Harley Davidson acknowledged the solid structure and innovative and stable pack design technology of the square shape battery supplied by Samsung SDI.

Harley-Davidson held a driving event in 2014, and after receiving VOCs to increase the mileage from riders, it began a full-scale electric motorcycle development. Through constant technical collaboration with Samsung SDI, the mileage has increased to 110 miles, nearly twice as high as the first model, which had single-charge mileage of 60 miles (approximately 97 km).



Will they make less noise than the gasoline versions?

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