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GAC Motor unveils ENTRANZE EV concept at NAIAS 2019

China-based GAC Motor introduced the ENTRANZE EV concept vehicle at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The versatile 7-person ENTRANZE EV represents the first concept vehicle from the new California-based GAC Design Studio.


GAC’s approach started by envisioning the ENTRANZE as the ultimate road-trip car: a multi-purpose utility vehicle that can shift between extended trips to the beach, mountains, forests, deserts—and daily commuting.


ENTRANZE’s fuselage-inspired interior seats up to seven in a 3+2+2 configuration. Ingress/egress is through sweeping patio-inspired sliding glass doors. To best accommodate passengers, the foldable rocker panels serve as steps—and also function as a bench for comfortable outdoor seating.

Aircraft inspiration is further evidenced in the ENTRANZE’s UX/UI system. Its intuitive controls are “autopilot”-ready. A special steering wheel uses illuminated touch controls around the steering wheel’s perimeter and works with a heads-up information cluster and voice-command activation.

ENTRANZE’s interior also has a versatile, multi-functional 3-seat bench in the first row. GAC Motor decided to include OLED screens on either side of the wave-inspired instrument panel. Another nod to aviation includes a storage trolley that slides between the seats when needed.


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