Westport Fuel Systems appoints former Achates Power head as new CEO
US light-duty diesel sales climb in 2018 to 500,000 units; 3% of sales

GTI and Carbon Clean Solutions receive $2.9M DOE funding for development of advanced carbon capture technology

The DOE Office of Fossil Energy has awarded $2.9 million to GTI and CCS-US, the US subsidiary of Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL), to develop and to test a potentially transformational carbon capture technology.

GTI and CCS-US will design, build, and test a prototype demonstration unit at GTI’s Des Plaines, Illinois headquarters that will undergo further field testing with coal-fired flue gas at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) in Wilsonville, Alabama. The 30-month project will showcase a novel equipment design and advanced solvents that could reduce the levelized cost of carbon capture to the DOE’s target of $30 per tonne or less.

Entitled ROTA-CAP, the technology works by using novel rotating packed beds (RPBs) to intensify the carbon capture process.

This is an exciting project that promises to further reduce the cost of carbon capture, and the most important feature is that it will be scalable. ROTA-CAP technology could provide a major reduction in both capex and equipment size, enabling wider-scale commercial deployment of carbon capture systems globally.

—Will Shimer, General Manager, CCS-US

This grant follows CCSL’s successful completion of a research and development program with Newcastle University and the University of Sheffield in the UK in 2016 under a grant from the UK Government’s department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.



1 ppm of co2 equals about 7.81 gigatons of CO2.
decreasing the atmospheric CO2 from 410 ppm to 250 ppm level of two centuries ago would cost about $37,000 billion.

Not too much to save the planet, if we need a plan B

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