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Foretellix closes $14M Series-A; automating verification and measurable safety of autonomous vehicles

Foretellix, an Israel-based start-up automating the verification and measurable safety of autonomous vehicles, has closed $14 million of series-A funding. Led by 83North, Jump Capital, and Nextgear Ventures, the investment will accelerate Foretellix’s development, customer programs and deployment of its coverage-driven verification solution. The company has now raised more than $16 million since it was founded.

Foretellix develops coverage-driven verification solutions to ensure that the autonomous vehicle behaves properly in the 100s of millions of critical driving scenarios, and are therefore safe for broad deployment.

This “GigaScale” verification flow combines verification automation, intelligence and reuse.


Foretellix also automates the extraction and analytics of the safety-related coverage metrics, representing the percentage of scenarios proven to work in a wide range of possible situations and conditions. These metrics are required by developers, consumers, suppliers, insurance companies and regulators.

This solution works with all required driving platforms, including simulators, X-in-the-loop configurations, test tracks and test vehicles.

Foretellix was founded by a very experienced team, which led a start-up to a successful IPO, using proven coverage driven methodologies, intelligent automation, and analytics of large data sets for the verification of complex semiconductor products.


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