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AFC Energy demonstrates EV charger based on hydrogen fuel cell technology

UK-based AFC Energy, a company commercializing an alkaline fuel cell system, has demonstrated CH2ARGE, an electric vehicle charger based on hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The demonstration of AFC Energy’s CH2ARGE system took place at Dunsfold Aerodrome, with a BMW i8 as the first car to be recharged with power generated by a hydrogen fuel cell.

CH2ARGE includes AFC Energy’s small-scale fuel cell connected to an inverter. The inverter transfers energy created by the fuel cell to a charger. The system is supported by a 48V battery pack to assist with peak power demands. The solution can also be tailored for both on- and off-grid applications and scale up as required.

The demonstration CH2ARGE system was sized to provide sufficient power to charge two EVs concurrently at recharging levels 1, 2 or 3. The system’s inverters are controlled via AFC Energy’s fuel cell control system; product solutions can be implemented with Smart Charging capabilities.

AFC Energy is looking to enter into discussions with potential OEM partners and suppliers for the production of its CH2ARGE scalable EV Charge systems for commercial deployment.



Ah, great.  All the inefficiencies of an FCEV, with none of the dubious advantages!


A surprising use of H2/FCs for emergency and selected recharge of BEVs/HVECs. CAA's/AAA's emergency vehicles, so equipped, could be very useful to remove failed/drained BEVs from traffic jams, specially on cold snowy winter days?


Putting lipstick on a pig


Data says that it is common practice in many places?

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