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Volkswagen offers exchange incentive for Euro 4 and 5 diesels across all of Germany

The Volkswagen brand is expanding its exchange incentive for replacing older diesel vehicles to cover all of Germany from 24 January until 30 April 2019. When trading in a Euro 4 or Euro 5 vehicle from any manufacturer, the bonus is paid in addition to the used car value.

Until now, the incentive was reserved for customers in cities identified as particularly polluted by the federal government in order to improve air quality there as quickly as possible. The exchange incentive for new vehicles ranges from €500 to €7,000, depending on the model.

With the exchange incentive, the Volkswagen brand is offering all owners of Euro 4 and Euro 5 diesel vehicles very attractive conditions for switching to efficient new cars or nearly new cars with the latest exhaust gas technology. This emphasizes our ongoing commitment to improving air quality and to preventing driving bans in German cities.

—Jürgen Stackmann, Board Member for Sales and Marketing

The environmental incentive for scrapping Euro 1 to Euro 4 diesel vehicles will still be paid all over Germany until further notice.

Owners of Euro 4 and Euro 5 diesel cars from any manufacturer can benefit from the exchange incentive all over Germany until 30 April 2019. The incentive is paid in addition to the used car value and applies for new and nearly new cars of all fuel types. For nearly new cars, the incentive for the Golf, e-Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf Variant, Touran, Passat sedan and Passat Variant models is 75%. For the remaining models, it is 50% of the relevant exchange incentive for new cars.


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