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Puget Sound Energy adds 40 new hybrid vans and pickups from XL; 110 XL hybrid vehicles to date

Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Washington state’s largest energy provider serving nearly 2 million customers, has expanded its electrified fleet with 40 XL-equipped hybrid Ford vehicles, including Transit vans and F-250s. With its latest order, Puget Sound Energy now has 110 work trucks equipped with XL’s hybrid technology, with more anticipated being added later this year.

XL’s hybrid system has been proven to improve fuel economy by an average of 25% while reducing carbon emissions by 20%.

The hybrid vans will support natural gas first responders, and its hybrid pickup trucks will serve natural gas inspectors and related routes, covering about 6,000 square miles over 10 counties and major metropolitan areas. These vehicles do not have a return-to-base policy, and are typically parked at drivers’ homes since they are needed for emergency response, so it’s helpful that they don’t need a charging station or other hub in order to deploy them, PSE reports.

With roughly 43 percent of carbon emissions in Washington state coming from transportation, we are committed to accelerating the adoption of electrified vehicles. By continuing to upfit our Ford Transit vans and F-250s with XL’s hybrid technology, we will make significant progress towards achieving our goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2040, without worrying about infrastructure requirements or high maintenance costs.

—Colin Davidson, fleet logistics manager at Puget Sound Energy


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