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Electrify America is restoring full capacity to its entire network after its high-powered charging cables cleared extensive testing from the cable manufacturer, HUBER+SUHNER. At HUBER+SUHNER’s recommendation, Electrify America shut down many of the high-powered CCS chargers (150kW – 350kW) in its network on Friday while the company and HUBER+SUHNER investigated a potential safety issue. (Earlier post.)

The recommendation from HUBER+SUHNER came following an isolated event—a short-circuit in the plug of a high-power charging system—experienced at a private test facility in Europe with an first-generation prototype liquid-cooled cable, similar to those installed on some of Electrify America’s charging dispensers. The shutdown recommendation was issued by HUBER+SUHNER to all customers using liquid-cooled cables worldwide.

Although many of the high-powered CCS chargers (150kW – 350kW) were shut down following notification of the potential safety issue, Electrify America was able to keep all 89 charging stations operational in some capacity, as all charging stations, in addition to the high-powered CCS chargers, have either CHAdeMO, 50kW CCS, or L2 chargers—none of which were affected.

Since the event became known, HUBER+SUHNER carried out intensive investigations and tests, in some cases also together with its customers and partners. These also included tests on the entire charging system with high-power charging cables from series production.

The tests confirmed the correct functionality of the system and proved that the series products supplied by HUBER+SUHNER meet the required standards without any restrictions, both individually and in the entire charging system.

The safety of our customers is our highest priority. Extensive testing throughout the weekend and Monday showed that the cables have met all industry standards for use, and as a result, we are bringing our entire network back to full capacity. We thank our customers for their patience as we worked through this, as well as HUBER+SUHNER for making this their top priority and resolving the issue with speed and the highest levels of technical expertise and professionalism.

—Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America



Good news for high power charging facilities cables and connectors?

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