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Corvus Energy tapped to provide Li-ion ESS for five new electric ferries in Norway

Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) has selected Corvus Energy to supply lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) for five new all-electric ferries being built by Havyard for Norwegian ferry operator Fjord1.

To date, Corvus Energy has supplied ESSs on eight Fjord1 electric ferries operating on four Norwegian coastal routes.

Corvus Energy provides battery power to more ferries than all other providers of energy storage systems combined. Beginning with the first zero-emission ferry, Ampere, Corvus Energy’s ESSs have now been selected for more than 40 similar short distance hybrid and all-electric ferries globally.

Fjord1’s fleet modernization is the result of winning a number of tender competitions where low- or zero-emissions were specified by Norwegian authorities in an effort to reduce emissions from the ferry fleet.

These five latest all-electric ferries are of Havyard 932 design and will be built in Havyard Shipyard in Leirvik, Sogn. Each ferry is 67 meters in length, holds 50 cars and will be equipped with air-cooled Corvus Orca Energy ESS that will supply electrical power to the ferry’s NES all-electric power and propulsion system. The Corvus equipment is scheduled for delivery in 2019 and all five ferries will be fully operational on four additional routes in Norway by 1 January 2020.


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