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NEXT Renewable Fuels, Inc. (NEXT) and Shell Trading (US) Company (Shell) have entered a long-term purchase and sale agreement for the purchase of renewable diesel from NEXT’s planned Port Westward, Oregon facility.

In November 2018, NEXT announced its selection of Honeywell UOP’s Ecofining technology to convert renewable feedstocks into renewable diesels and related co‐products.

Honeywell UOP’s Ecofining technology has been successfully deployed at multiple locations globally and currently is used to produce about 30% of the global supply of renewable diesel fuels. With the addition of NEXT’s planned capacity the Ecofining process will account for over 50% of the global supply of these fuels.

Representing an investment of more than US$1 billion, NEXT continues to develop its Oregon renewable diesel facility with an expected annual processing capacity of 13.3 million barrels (600 million gallons). Scheduled to open in 2021, NEXT will supply Shell and other partners with its alternative liquid fuels, satisfying end-user demand while also meeting both federal and state environmental compliance and fuel security requirements.

NEXT renewable diesel is a second-generation advanced biofuel made from 100% renewable feedstocks including used cooking oils, animal tallows, and selected virgin seed and vegetable oils.

As a drop-in fuel, NEXT’s renewable diesel is a perfect fit with our existing fuels business and will allow us to integrate this advanced fuel seamlessly into our supply chain.

—Kate Andresen, Shell Biodiesel Trading Manager for the Americas

NEXT selected the Port Westward site due to its strategic location at a deep-water site on the Columbia River, access to global feedstock supplies, and close transport to North American West Coast markets.

NEXT is focused on the development and production of second‐generation advanced biofuels, including renewable diesel, renewable propane and renewable naphtha to supply contracted off‐take agreements for customers in the western United States and Canada.


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