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Motor Design Limited releases Motor-CAD v12

Motor Design Limited has released Motor-CAD v12—the latest version of its software package dedicated to the electromechanical performance of motors and generators and the optimization of their cooling.


New and enhanced features in Motor-CAD v12 include:

  • New mechanical module with rotor stress analysis — 2D FEA based solution in Motor-CAD to analyse stress and displacement in rotors during operation.

  • New PMDC EMag module for modelling of brushed DC machines.

  • New IM1PH EMag module for modelling of single phase induction machines.

  • Improved Heat Exchanger Model with added coupling to water jacket cooling systems.

  • Improved Lab AC loss map giving more accurate loss modelling across whole machine operating range.

  • New automatic report generation – automatically create custom reports in Microsoft Word format, with user options to add screenshots and tables of values.


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