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DENSO Group company NSITEXE takes a stake in processor developer; high-performance semiconductors to support automated driving

NSITEXE, Inc., a DENSO Group company that designs and develops semiconductor IP cores, acted as lead investor and has a stake in startup The purpose of the investment is to help’s development of edge processing units (EPUs)—high-performance semiconductors that could be used as a foundation for enabling automated driving technology.

DENSO established NSITEXE in 2017 to design and develop next-generation, high-performance semiconductor devices to advance automated driving solutions. One of NSITEXE’s focuses is developing a Data Flow Processor (DFP), a new type of processor different from conventional processors such as central processing units (CPUs) and graphic processing units (GPUs).

The DFP can rapidly perform multiple complex calculations by instantaneously optimizing calculating areas according to the amount and content of information, while minimizing power consumption and heat generation. NSITEXE is aiming to commercialize the DFP in the first half of the 2020s.

NSITEXE has taken a stake in because of its industrial EPU development technology, which it will incorporate into in-vehicle specifications required for automated driving.

The’s real-time end-to-end edge computing technology was designed to accelerate the development of smart edge products such as cars and robots that require instantaneous processing of a large amount of calculations while minimizing power consumption and latency.

NSITEXE aims to achieve instant processing of both complex and large amounts of calculations to extend the ability of DFP by accelerating development of’s real-time end-to-end edge computing technology.



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