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GAC NE using CATL cells in Aion S EV; 392-mile range

China-based GAC NE—thenew energy vehicle arm under Chinese automaker GAC Group—reports that an Aion S, its electric vehicle model to be rolled out in May 2019 (earlier post), has traveled 392 miles (630 km) on a single charge. As a comparison, the Tesla Model 3—which GAC favors as a competitive benchmark—features 310 miles (499 km) for the long-range version.


The Aion 2 is the first EV to carry the latest generation of ternary lithium-ion battery produced by CATL.

Featuring an aerodynamic exterior with a drag coefficient of 0.245 Cd, Aion S further reduces energy consumption and prolongs the endurance of batteries.

Just certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the pure electric sedan model will be manufactured in GAC NE’s new factory in Guangzhou. (Earlier post.)

GAC NE also plans to roll out an SUV with a wheelbase of more than 2900mm this year.


a drag coefficient of 0.245 Cd
Department of Redundancy Department, Joe here speaking.

With 500 Km extended range, a fair price and the looks of a Camry, this new EV may become one of the first long range BEV to compete with equivalent ICEVs?

So-Korea, Japan and EU/US will have to match to compete?

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