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Hyundai Mobis uses 5 Nexo fuel cell modules for emergency power generation system

Hyundai Mobis has connected 5 Nexo hydrogen fuel cells systems to form a power generation system with a maximum capacity of 450kW for use at its Chungju Plant. The system can deliver about 7% of the total power consumption of the Chungju Plant and can be used in emergencies or during peak time.


Hyundai Mobis has begun operating the hydrogen system on a pilot basis.

Hyundai Mobis used the Nexo fuel cell modules as is, and separately developed the parallel controller, thermal management system and uninterruptible power supply system (UPS), necessary for the power generator.

As many fuel cell modules as necessary can be connected to deliver the required emergency power and auxiliary power, which varies depending on the size of the building.

Starting with the pilot operation in the Chungju Plant, Hyundai Mobis is planning to install more emergency hydrogen power generation systems in other production bases at home and abroad.


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