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Developers commissioned a little more than 45GW of onshore wind turbines globally in 2018 compared with 47GW a year earlier, marking a 4.2% decline. Only four manufacturers accounted for 57% of the machines deployed: Denmark’s Vestas, China’s Goldwind, GE Renewable Energy of the US and Spain’s Siemens Gamesa.

The latest data from BloombergNEF (BNEF) show that Vestas extended its lead in the industry, with 10.1GW of its onshore turbines commissioned in 2018—a global market share of 22% compared with 16% in 2017. The statistics draw on BNEF’s global database of wind projects and extensive information from the industry.

China’s Goldwind rose from third to second place, lifted by a strong performance in China, where it captured a third of the 19.3GW market. The company’s global footprint, however, remains limited: only 5% of Goldwind’s 6.7GW were commissioned outside China. GE came third with 5GW—six out of every ten GE turbines were commissioned in the US. Both GE and Vestas commissioned just over 3GW in the US, with Vestas leading by 44MW in the neck-to-neck race for US market leadership.

Siemens Gamesa, formed in 2016 from a merger of the wind business of German engineering giant Siemens and the Spanish turbine maker Gamesa, dropped from second to fourth place, with 4.1GW commissioned in 2018. This is 40% less than in 2017, although the tally does not include a number of very large wind farms that are only partially built and will not come online until 2019.

Total onshore wind installations in 2018 were 11.7GW in the Americas, 8.5GW in Europe and 1GW in Africa and the Middle East, while Asia accounted for 24.2GW. BNEF registered new wind farms starting full commercial operation in 53 countries.


Top 10 global onshore wind turbine makers.png Source: BloombergNEF. Notes: Only includes onshore wind capacity. Total fully commissioned onshore wind capacity in 2018 was 45.4GW. SGRE is Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.



China produced about 50% (23 GW) of the world onshore wind turbines in 2018 and did even better for electrified vehicles and batteries.

In 2019/2022, hundreds of very large offshore wind turbines (12 MW to 15MW) will become predominant and produce a larger percentage of the clean energy used in many countries, starting with China, UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany and others.

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