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Rivian announces $700M investment round led by Amazon

Rivian announced an equity investment round of $700M led by Amazon. The investment comes on the heels of Rivian’s reveal of the all-electric R1T pickup and R1S SUV at the LA Auto Show last November. (Earlier post.)

GM was also reported to have an interest in an investment in the company.



Starting with a clean sheet, Rivian has developed its vehicles with adventurers at the core of every design and engineering decision. The company’s launch products, the R1T and R1S, deliver up to 400+ miles of range, with up to 180 kWh of storage in the battery pack.

The Rivian electric drive features four independent motors, with 200 horsepower available at each wheel. Precise torque control enables active torque vectoring and maximized performance.

These vehicles use the company’s flexible skateboard platform and will be produced at Rivian’s manufacturing plant in Normal, Ill., with customer deliveries expected to start in late 2020.


Rivian Skateboard Platform

This investment is an important milestone for Rivian and the shift to sustainable mobility. Beyond simply eliminating compromises that exist around performance, capability and efficiency, we are working to drive innovation across the entire customer experience. Delivering on this vision requires the right partners, and we are excited to have Amazon with us on our journey to create products, technology and experiences that reset expectations of what is possible.

—RJ Scaringe, Rivian Founder and CEO

Rivian will remain an independent company. Amazon is leading the round, which includes participation from existing shareholders. Additional details about this investment are not being disclosed at this time.

Following the US launch of the R1T and R1S in late 2020, Rivian will introduce the vehicles to other global geographies starting in 2021. Rivian is now accepting preorders on its R1T and R1S.



This JEEP look alike BEV, with 400+ miles extended range and a 150 KW battery pack and 200 HP motor on each wheel could qualify as one of the first extended range utility electrified vehicle?

Will it be affordable and quick charge in 10 minutes?


I would say No and No.
A 150 KwH battery will take an hour to charge at 150kw, assuming you can find a charger that powerful.
IMO, it is a massive waste of batteries. I would go for say 40 kwH of batteries and a 30-50 Kw genset, like a Nissan e-power system (but this one could charge from an external source as well).
You are better sizing your batteries to the average range required, rather than some rarely used maximum range - use the genset for the long runs.


Going all-electric does save you all the trouble of EPA emissions testing and the mandatory warranty.


mahonj, If we want to avoid pollution associated with ICEs, a small FC (as a genset) could do the job with a lot less batteries (and long recharge times) and less total weight. The four heavy 200 HP e-motors could also be downsized to further reduce total weight.

The availability of H2 stations will be resolved by the time this vehicle is mass produced.


"The availability of H2 stations will be resolved by the time this vehicle is mass produced."

That might be true but if it is, it will probably be because this vehicle is never mass produced.

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