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Volume of China rare earth exports down 4% Y-o-Y in January, but average export price up

In January 2019, China exported 3,753 tonnes of rare earth oxides (or oxide equivalents), a decrease of 3.5% from the same month the year prior, and a decrease of 30.8% from December 2018, according to Adamas Intelligence.

However, by value, China exported US $36.6 million worth of rare earth oxides (and oxide equivalents) in January 2019—marking a year-over-year increase of 23.6% versus the value exported in January 2018, and a month-over-month decrease of 17.9% versus the value exported in December 2018.

Overall, China’s rare earth exports commanded an average price of US $9.75 per kilogram in January 2019—an 18.5% increase over the month prior, and a 28.0% increase over January 2018.


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